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Why Aluminium

Longevity, thermal efficiency, sustainability and recyclability are now critical factors in construction.

• Since 1888, over 700 million tonnes of aluminium have been produced
• Over three quarters of the aluminium is still in productive use
• 90% of the aluminium used in the construction industry is recycled
• Recycling the aluminium currently stored would equal 15 years’ primary output
• Recycling aluminium requires 95% less energy than primary production
• Recycling aluminium from end-of-life products saves close to 80 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year
• Since the inception of aluminium recycling, we have avoided over one billion tonnes of CO2 Emissions

Unlike some alternative building materials, aluminium offers an almost unlimited life expectancy. Aluminium does not age like other organic materials and needs no protection from ultra-violet light. It’s overall life-cycle is more environmentally friendly due to the minimum energy required in maintenance and the well established, proven design life of aluminium assures the that aluminium will provide a long term solution year on year with the guarantee of 100% recyclability at the end of a building’s life.